Date Platform News
2024-01-04 Check Point Reports are coming in that Check Point scripts from sk103154 are not updating anymore.
This is because of an errounious grep in their script on line 88 and 91 in
The check for 'Last Modified' is case sensitive while it should not be. Please nag them to update their scripts.
Workaround: Change 'grep' to 'grep -i'.
2023-12-17 ALL Finally added a new list, IPSum, it aggregates other lists and only outputs IPs present in 3 or more lists. Highly recommended!
2023-05-26 ALL has been moved behind Cloudflare to make the service more robust. You might need to update your certificate profiles (or move to http).
2023-04-12 F5 Added instructions for the F5 platform.
2020-10-05 Check Point Emergency update to Check Point scripts. More certificate issues specific to the Check Point platform. SSL has been disabled for now.
2020-05-31 Check Point Emergency update to Check Point scripts. Intermediate certificated expired. You need to install the latest versions for continued service.
2018-10-22 ALL is now Moving forward the service will be made available for as many platforms as possible. Please contact me if you are able to assist with instructions for additional vendors.
2018-10-22 Check Point Because of the domain name change all Check Point users need to upgrade their openDBL version to R80+ version 0.4 / R77 version 0.7 or newer before the 2nd of December 2019.
I will try to keep the Check Point specific scripts up to date but assistance in testing and patching issues is greatly appreciated as I at this point don't have access to any Check Point firewalls.